About Us

ASRC softwares has been established by a team of dexterous professionals with expertise spanning various segments of information technology such as web designing, search engine optimisation, web development etc. Our endeavour at ASRC softwares is to provide all the aforementioned services with utmost emphasis on ensuring quality and reliability, two virtues that are seemingly lacking in the Indian information technology sector.

At ASRC, to effectively realise our endeavour, we have developed some unique methodologies unbeknown in the IT sector. One such methodology is our approach to product development, where we focus on providing services with a holistic bent of mind coupled with minimalism i.e- our products and services are designed to be substantive with minimal clutter and aptly fulfil all the requisite needs of our clients. Through this methodology, we believe that we can provide optimum quality services to our present and future clients. Furthermore, after rendering our services, we will keep focussing on their continuous optimal performance, thus guaranteeing our clients best interests are looked after.

Currently based in New Delhi, one more of our focus areas is on time delivery and market leading prices. In our research, we found overcharging and lack of efficiency the two most common situations affecting information technology customers, it had a ripple effect on information technology customers own efficiency with respect to time as well as monetarily. Being based at New Delhi provides us the opportunity and ability to render our services to a diverse client base irrespective of geography. New Delhi being technologically well connected, with optimum internet services is an ideal location for us to be based in. As for future plans, we do plan to expand in the national and the international market encompassing all informational technology zones the world over.

The technology world is moving forward at a breakneck speed, with start ups being founded each hour across the world. Moreover, what were once considered talent lacking areas as regards to the technology sector are also pulling up and rivalling established places like Silicon Valley, Bangalore etc. Through all this, we believe there is a need to find a unique perspective towards rendering technology services, this will separate a firm from the others. We at ASRC are trying to do exactly that and will keep trying until we fulfil our vision.